Find work that really suits you

You are looking for appealing work that really suits you. A part-time or full-time role, or perhaps a part-time job in addition to your studies. You can find many vacancies in our vacancy database. Can’t see a suitable vacancy listed? Then register as a jobseeker and let us find a suitable job for you. Because whether or not you have a great deal of experience, we primarily look at what competencies you have and what role will best allow you to come into your own.

5 tips for your job interview 

  1. Familiarise yourself with the company and the role 

Understand what the company does, what it represents and what vacancy you are being interviewed for. Of course, you do not need to know all the ins and outs, you will ascertain that anyway by asking the right questions.

  1. Know with whom you are having the interview 

Always check with whom you are having the interview in advance. It comes across as rather unprofessional if you turn up at reception with no idea of who to ask for.

  1. Avoid negativity 

Ensure you come across as positive. Whatever the reason for your application, always avoid negativity about your previous employer, role, or colleagues, for example. Adopt an active posture instead of slouching in your chair. Place your arms on the table or on your lap, folded arms indicate a defensive attitude.

  1. Arrive on time 

It seems obvious, but it sometimes goes wrong. Ensure you arrive at your appointment on time, but do not arrive too early either. About 5 – 10 minutes before the appointment is perfect.

  1. Be honest 

Be honest about the work experience you have gained and the diplomas you have acquired. The truth always comes out eventually. If you do not yet have all the knowledge and experience required, employers are often satisfied as long as you want to invest in your own development.